Kitchen Linens by The Jean-Vier House

29 January 2014
2New Collection of Kitchen Linens from Jean-Vier. A must-have apron, kitchen towel and oven gloves for your kitchen. For more than 30 years Jean Vier has been creating traditional Basque interior decoration. Vibrantly coloured stripy designs have become our trademark, used to invigorate and enliven the workplace, dinner table and bathroom. At Jean Vier, we enjoy cooking, so, as when it comes to laying the table, we’ve always an idea for a little bread basket, an original oven glove or a new presentation dish for some tempting delicacies! All our kitchen accessories are available in numerous colors. Created from our selection of materials 100% cotton or mixed (cotton / linen), they are as colorful as they’re resistant. Whilst our oven gloves and pot holders are fireproof, our baskets are studded and are therefore foldable and washable. The rich multiple and varied declinations and varieties of our stripes associated with the myriad of Jean Vier colours could well inspire you to get cooking! This collection is of a remarkable quality thanks to the complete control of the fabrication process by the House of Jean-Vier, and their secret of textile finishing.